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Coral Springs Charter School Band

We Have Great Opportunities For You To Get Involved!

We currently have some openings for great people to become part of our team. We are looking to fill the following openings:

Fundraising Chair
Uniform Chair
Field Trip Chair
Car Wash Chair
Banquet Chair
Charterpalooza Chair(s)
High School Parent
Middle School Parent

Please Contact Us and select the President or Vice President from the Contact Form if you are interested in joining our team.

A very special thanks to the following volunteers that have already filled the following positions:

Marching Chair: Patti Badillo
Marching Chair: Ronit Goldstein
Concert Chair: Janine Loli-Pflucker
Car Wash Chair : Sherrill Thomas
Band Picnic Coordinator: Robin Renzy
Website Developer/Coordinator: Bob Ware

Spend time with great young people and help shape their future. Live longer and build strong relationships, advance your career, be a part of something special maybe even learn new skills or mentor and share your expertise. These are just a few benefits of volunteering, it is good for you, your community and the organization you help support.
Please sign up to help at specific events at whether you can commit to a position above or not.  
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