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Coral Springs Charter School Band
The Board Members for the 2016-2017 School Year
President:                              TBA
Vice President:                       TBA
Treasurer:                              TBA
Secretary of Finance:             TBA
Secretary:                              TBA
Member-at-Large /
Volunteer Coordinator:          TBA
Band Director:                      Marisa Fernandez
The Coral Springs Charter School Band Boosters is a nonprofit organization of parents dedicated to assisting the Band Director by volunteering their time and resources to assist with the management of the school's Band Programs. Most if not all members also have full time careers and work dilligently to address inquiries as timely as possible.
We have incorporated an online contact form that will email us and enable us to to track and respond to your questions or comments effectively. Please use the link at the bottom of any webpage or from the menu to Contact Us.
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